What Factors can Fuel Male Fertility ?

What Factors can Fuel Male Fertility ?

Infertility is a global problem within couples and often a debatable issue nowadays. A few decades back it was hard to accept by men that infertility issues can be because of a man. If a couple was not able to bear a child, it was the female who was automatically blamed.

There were no male infertility tests present a few decades back which had kept the male population safe and aloof from the blame game. Earlier, it was a male dominated chauvinistic society where women were never valued. During those days one can also infer that medical technology was still in its budding stage but today if we look into the facts almost 45-50% of the cases of couples who are not able to conceive, the challenge may lie with the male partner.

Briefing the Male Infertility Test

During male infertility tests, a thorough examination and a summary of your medical and surgical history is checked initially. For an urologist, it is essential for him to learn the kind of illness you have had since your childhood years. Some of the most chronic illnesses or conditions that may impact a male include conditions like pelvic injury, childhood illness, abdominal or reproductive organ surgery, recreational use of prohibited drugs, and the intake of certain medications.

Factors contributing to lack of Fertility

Now let’s discuss the factors which has given birth to such infertility conditions

Competing with Stress

Looking into the extremity and critical instances of busy life schedule you may find many couples who are bound to varied types of fertility treatments for years and have not succeeded in conceiving. Quite often there is a heating debate in this blame game & the couples finally decide to break up. But before they break up they never realized that the infertility issue may have aroused due to stress and not because of a medical condition. Don’t stress up rather start spending quality time with each other. Try to understand that stress can come from a variety of sources such as an increased workload or maybe a target achievement project work.

Healthy Eating Habits

Investigational researches have revealed that certain nutrients such as antioxidants, folate, and omega-3 fatty acids raise male fertility. Now you just need to check that where these nutrients are found. For your knowledge, it is found in blueberries, blackberries, kidney beans, green leafy vegetables, fish & flax seed oils. In extension to eating more of these foods, start checking back on sugar, saturated fats, and high-cholesterol foods also help improve sperm count.

Exercise Regularly

Consistent yoga and exercise helps improve hormones and optimizes testosterone levels. But look out if you are overworking then it can have a reverse effect. To enhance your fertility levels one hour of easy exercise every alternate day or 30 minutes of regular exercise involves both power and cardiovascular training which should be sufficient to give boost to your infertility drive.

Check your Habits

Heavy drinking, smoke, and recreational drug treatment have been linked with poor sperm production and lowered sex drive. Check these practices entirely to increase your fertility.

Good Sleep

If you are used to getting sleep for 7-8 hours each night, investigations have revealed that it is medically termed as good sleep. Too less or too much of sleep can reduce testosterone levels and this may impact the fertility levels so keep up with the good habit of sleeping for hours suggested in medical guidelines.


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