November is Men’s Health Awareness Month

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month also recognized as Movember, it’s a time when people across worldwide raise the perception of health issues that affect men, especially grief and testicular and prostate cancers. All men must be aware of ailments that can influence them. In this blog we will be going through in-depth insight about how prostate has impacted a big chunk of human population.

Men are the robust species of mankind, and expected to be chauvinistic in all aspects! But men too suffer; they too cry’ which severely affects their mental, physical and emotional health. Today, we are going to discuss about the physical health of men, and our topic for the day would be prostate cancer.
Prostate cancer is a common cancer in men. The males are highly affected with prostate cancer than any other type of cancer. Usually the prostate cancer grows slowly and is initially confined to the prostate gland, where it may not cause serious harm. However, there are some types of prostate cancer grow slowly and may need minimal or even no treatment, other types are aggressive and can spread quickly.

But first, we should know all about the prostate gland, an important part of male reproductive system.

Men’s Health Awareness Month

Prostate and testicular cancers have a notable impact on men’s well-being. Prostate cancer, for example, is the second most prevalent cancer in men worldwide with the figure of cases of prostate cancer presumed to double to 1.7 million cases by 2030. Not only that we also discuss about the mental health disorder encompassing men worldwide.

Our fathers, companions, co-workers, brothers, and colleagues face a health emergency that isn’t being discussed. Men are disappearing too young. We can’t stand to stay mute. That’s why we’re demanding action. There are many charity tackling men’s health on a global scale, year-round. We’re approaching some of the most prominent health problems faced by men starting from the prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide restriction.

The men’s health awareness month invest strategically in three principal focus regions to have a permanent impact on men’s health. Though the work operates year-round, still there are many global men’s health academic and clinical institutions worldwide which ensure that the program expedites amendments to some of the most prominent health problems faced by men. In particular, the November month targets diseases like Prostate cancer, testicular cancer and poor mental health.

Discussing the most talked Prostate Cancer Awareness in November Men’s awareness Month

Announcements and advertisements from Governors and other local and national awareness groups and professional associations is observed and they all join in activities designed to raise awareness of the prostate issue and prompt men to talk to their healthcare provider about prostate cancer and early detection.

Only in United States of America, USA, over 160,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year, and about 30,000 dies of it. Early disclosure is the key to prosperous treatment. This awareness period and the organizations and associations that support it are responsible for saving many characters of men’s lives by supporting them to have a conversation with their healthcare provider about prostate cancer and early discovery.

Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is the most prevalent cancer in males aged 15-34. Notwithstanding being one of the more widespread and common cancers, it’s not as extensively discussed about. In the Movember Men’s awareness month, a lot of awareness spreading is done throughout to not only get men to stay on top of and speak up about their health, but to train them on the ways to curb for the warning signs of Testicular cancer.

Many urologists suggest a simple 60-second self-check once a month which can be done during the daily routine and it can make all the distinction. Many urologists and academies urge men of all ages to continually be on the lookout especially young men, to check their testicles repeatedly in the shower. Once you are accustomed to your own normal way, probably, you will be able to tell beforehand if anything is incompatible. I think the stress should be on the fact that testicular cancer is a young man’s illness more often than not.

Mental Disorder

What’s true is the reality that 9 percent of men encounter depression on a daily basis which means more than 6 million men. Even if we realize what depression feels like, we seldom acknowledge that’s the culprit. We lie and tell we’re exhausted or just irritable. More than 3 million men fight with anxiety daily. Out of these 3.5 million people are diagnosed as schizophrenic by the age of 30, more than 90 percent are men. Looking at the rising number of men suffering from poor mental health it has been a prime disorder to be discussed in men’s health awareness month.


It is no denying that prostate cancer does not causes the mental stress along with downfall of physical health. To make sure about the prostate cancer and to get the best required treatment, you must visit Dr. Ashish Saini, who is well known urologist in the region. He is the best choice for any problems related to Men’s Treatment Health in Delhi. Not only that testicular cancer and mental poor health has also risen to a great extent and needs to be curbed at some or other stage and this is possible when all get together for this noble cause and retain men’s health overall.