Learning About Urologist & Why Should You Meet One

Learning About Urologist & Why Should You Meet One

A urologist is a health expert who examines and treats ailments of the urinary tract. Urologists can carry tests, do surgery, and help settle any problems that a subject may be owning with urination. Urologists handle the kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra, and adrenal glands. They can also manage some male reproductive organs that are correlated to the urinary tract.

Urologists handle a mixture of ailments. Some of the most popular include Kidney Cancer, Prostate problems, Erectile dysfunction, Infertility, Kidney diseases, Kidney stones, Urinary tract infections, Varicoceles and Painful bladder syndrome.

When Should You Meet A Urologist?

More and more events are coming up that point towards an accessible urological query, but a general medical practitioner does not suggest the patient to a urologist as the signs and symptoms do not appear to be sober. Why remain till the disease reveals itself pain stakingly. Maybe it’s time you permit go of all difficulties and get the difficulty diagnosed and operated as soon as possible. Here are some of the basic reasons why you should book an appointment with your urologist immediately or right away:

1. Blood In Urine

If the pale-yellow colored urine abruptly shifts color and becomes brown or pink, it could symbolize blood in urine which needs medical attention. This could be due to a severe performance or temporary impairment, but could also be a sign for urinary tract infection or bladder infection. Still, there could be severe indications like kidney stones or prostate cancer so kindly go discuss with your urologist immediately.

2. Recurrent Urination

This is also famously recognized as incontinence. Poor bladder authority can start to influence everyday movements and even connections as the need to pee are unexpected and powerful that it could be socially uncomfortable. If it is characterized by painful urination or even blood in urine, probabilities are you are experiencing UTI. Any which way, an engagement with the urologist needs to be maintained.

3. Painful Urination

In men, painful urination could be due to an extended prostate and this is conducted by a constant urge to urinate. Aside from that, if there are also any irregularities in the PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test, it could indicate a serious ailment that needs to be managed immediately. In women, apart from UTI, it could suggest a yeast or bladder infection. Pain while peeing is also a symptom of STD’s, kidney stones and other major dysfunctions.

4. Discomfort In Lower Abdomen/Pelvic Area

This is one of the most prevalent symptoms of kidney stones. The pain is normally hard and sometimes even crippling. When characters leave this pain untreated, it often commences to lasting kidney damage, nausea or fever due to disease and by then it might be too overdue to consult a doctor!

5. Erectile Dysfunction

Physical problems in men and women also come under one of the top matters that urologists are comprehended for. There are various causes of ED – and it would be more satisfying to discuss your urologist so he can commence with a treatment plan than to put a price on your kinship.

Sexual problems in women could be due to anything – a yeast infection, bladder stones or what not. Swelling around the abdomen area could or could not be a hernia, which also appears under one of the common urological disorders. Why proceeding to a urologist is regularly recommended is because of their specific knowledge and practice in this department because of which all such ailments would be treated efficiently, without any difficulties. It’s important to see the urologist now and then – not just for therapy but also to check any future sicknesses!


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