Celebrating World Continence Week With Pride 2019

Celebrating World Continence Week With Pride 2019

World Continence Week (WCW) is a fitness operation run by the different International Continence Society in the world and is equally celebrated by the ace spirited Dr. AK Saini a senior Urologist Consultant at his clinic in India to raise awareness of incontinence related issues.

This year it is the Continence week is conducted between 17th of June to 23rd of June. The Urology Continence highlights the impact urinary incontinence can have on our lives and inspires those surviving with it to solicit help so they no longer have to endure in quietness.

World continence live on 92.7 radio FM channel By Dr Ashish Saini

Being an annual drive with the primary aim to raise awareness about incontinence associated issues Dr. Ashish Saini quite enthusiastically participated in this big event by participating in a radio program which was live on 92.7 radio FM channel.

Here he gave a brief suggestion to treat overactive bladder. He was very clear and stated that the first and foremost thing is to change your lifestyle. Next comes the bladder training where he revealed that the bladder needs to be voided timely and the urine should not be holded for long hours as it is the reservoir for the urine and if you keep on holding it for long hours the outcome may be a overactive bladder. If the overactive bladder issue does not get rectified with bladder training and lifestyle changes then we suggest medicine termed as Anticholinergic drugs. He also told that there is a new drug which has come in the market which is a bladder relaxant can also heal the overactive bladder condition. Still there are 10 % such cases which need a surgery which is being carried out with the help of an injection and if it also fails then we have option of open surgery or laparoscopic surgery which could be carried out with ease.

When the World Continence Week was roused it was fixed that it will be always held from Monday to Sunday in the last week of June, although exceptions can be made to suit a nation’s events.

What Is Incontinence & It’s Present Stats Across The Globe?

Incontinence is the discarded and uncontrolled leakage of urine or stool. Incontinence is a delicate condition that afflicts a prophesied 400 million people over the world. Historically, the situation has been influencing the bladder and bowel were expected as an awkward or “taboo” topics and therefore these medical disorders were not been proclaimed and not given the desired value.

Studies & Analysis

Studies have revealed that less than 40% of persons with urinary incontinence discuss their problem with a doctor or nurse and this number is even higher for those with bowel incontinence. These circumstances have been partially treated and poorly approached by medical professionals, notwithstanding the real result on individual health, self-esteem, and essence of life.

In the knowledge of this, World continence week attempts to draw awareness to and enhance public consciousness about these circumstances and to give victims the determination to ask help and increase their state of life.

Recapturing the Vision of World Continence Week

The vision of World Continence Week is to globally promote continence awareness and promotion to promote health, wellness, and quality of life. It also promises to provide a trustworthy gathering for those attempting information on Continence promotion and treatments. This event also promises to build a worldwide network of events and organizations that will be identified as leading authorities of Continence and Bladder and Bowel Health information.

Today along with India rising to this big occasion, there are other nations across the globe especially the USA, China, Singapore, Poland, Slovakia, New Zealand, and Germany who have actively participated and we hope that such awareness keeps spreading across each state in India get Involved in this blissful act.


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