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Dr Ashish Kumar Saini - Best Urologist in Delhi NCR

Kidney and Ureter

Renal colic, Renal calculi, PCNL, Mini-Perc, Kidney stones UMP, SWL, PUJO, URS, Flexible Ureterorenoscopy(RIRS) and Hydronephrosis

Kidney Cancer

Partial nephrectomy and Radical nephrectomy


Prostate cancer, Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH), Hormonal therapy of advanced prostate cancer, PSA testing, TRUS guided biopsy, TRUS of the prostate and Radical prostatectomy


painful bladder conditions: Neurogenic bladder, Interstitial cystitis, Overactive bladder and Neurogenic bladder.

Urethra and Penis

Reconstructive urology:- Peyronie's disease, Urethroplasty, Buccal/lingual mucosa urethroplasty, urology surgery in Delhi

Men's Health(Sexuality and Fertility)

Erectile dysfunction, andropause in ageing male:-Male hormone supplementation and Infertility- evaluation and treatment,


Foreskin care, Undescended testes, Vesicoureteral reflux, Bedwetting, Dysfunctional voiding, Stones


Testicular pain, Vasectomy, Testicular cancer, Scrotal injury and pain, reversal of vasectomy reversal

About Ashish Saini

Dr Ashish Saini is one of the most experienced and talented urologists in Delhi NCR, India. Dr Ashish has a wide range of experience of above 12 years where he has performed more than 5200 urology surgeries at his prostate clinic in Delhi. Dr Saini has a prominent educational background where he has done MBBS and MS (Surgery) from the renowned King George Medical College, Lucknow.

Dr. Ashish Saini is the best urologist in Delhi who has been awarded Prof. BG Prasad Gold medal for getting the highest marks in the final professional part–I MBBS Exam 2002.

He is also awarded by the best Resident Award for appreciation of his excellence in academic, research and clinical performance in residency period in 2007.

Saini AK, Regmi S, Seth A, Narayan R, P.Singh, Dogra PN. Outcome analysis of tumours in undescended testes - A single-centre Experience of 15 Years: Urology. 2013 Oct 82(4):852-6.

Dogra PN, Regmi SK, Singh P, Bora G, Saini AK, Aggarwal S. Robot-assisted laparoscopic augmentation ileocystoplasty in a tubercular bladder. Urol Ann. 2014 Apr 6(2): 152-5. doi: 10.4103/0974-7796.130647

  • Dr. Ashish Saini has been elected for International Forum for Young Urologist (IFU) Beijing, China 2012
  • He also has JUA (Japanese Urological Asociation) fellowship in Renal Transplant done in the Year 2015 under Prof. Nakagawa, Kagoshima Japan
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